Beauty's Most Coveted Oil: Prickly Pear


Prickly Pear Oil is called "Beauty's most coveted oil" for a reason!

It has incredible benefits for the skin like reducing inflammation, strengthening the barrier of your skin, and hydration. Packed with vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids, it is a wonderful addition to any skincare routine and is especially effective for dry or acne prone skin.

Read on to learn why you should be putting this miraculous oil on your face.


What is Prickly Pear Oil?

Prickly Pear Oil is made from the seeds of the Prickly Pear Cactus. Extracting Prickly Pear Oil is just like any other oil that's derived from seeds. The prickly pear fruits are collected and the flesh is separated from the seeds. The seeds are dried and put into a machine that presses the seeds until oil is released.


Why is Prickly Pear Oil more expensive than other oils?

Prickly pear oil is more expensive than other oils because of the amount of seeds you need. But trust us, it's well worth it! The prickly pear seed only contains about 5% of oil. Each fruit contains around 250 seeds, which means you need 1 million seeds (about 8 tons of fruits) to produce a single liter of oil.


What are the benefits?

Prickly Pear oil has a zero rating on the non-comedogenic scale which means it won't clog or irritate your pores. If you have wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, bags under the eyes or redness, prickly pear oil is for you! It's extremely high in essential fatty acids, omega 6 and omega 9, vitamin E, and amino acids. It has about 60% of linoleic acid which can reduce acne and calm inflammation. It contains almost 14% of palmitic acid which has been shown to heal eczema and dermatitis. About 20% is oleic acid. Oleic acid (also found in avocados and almonds) is very hydrating to the skin and helps it to stay moisturized. It penetrates deeply into the skin's surface, replenishing lost moisture and helps keep the moisture from evaporating.

Prickly pear oil has skin glowing ingredients that will boost your collagen production thanks to the combination of phytosterols and fatty acids. Phytosterols in prickly pear seed oil have a wonderful effect when it comes to maintaining skin hydration because phytosterols bind to water. This binding protects skin and keeps it soft. Polyphenols contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties that give it the power to reduce sun damage, irritation and inflammation.


In a nutshell...

Using prickly pear oil will help keep your skin firm, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help keep your skin smooth and calm. We are proud to be among the pioneers in the skincare industry using this amazing oil. Prickly pear oil’s extraordinary smoothing and soothing qualities inspired us to create our newest facial oil Beautify Botanical Oil. On top of all the benefits from the organic prickly pear oil, this silky oil is combined with 4 other powerful active ingredients that truly beautify the skin. 

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Tell us how you use prickly pear oil!


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