How to apply skincare for hydrated, healthy skin

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We all want smooth, youthful, and glowing skin. I get it - I want that too! We specialize in high quality, handmade skincare products that promote hydrated skin - because we know hydrated skin is healthy skin.

But it's not just the products that are important. We also use and teach a unique application method.

You might have heard about this kind of application ritual before... some people call it the 3 second rule. (I can't do anything in 3 seconds. Except maybe eat an Oreo.) I think it's better described as Rapid Layering. Rapid layering is the skincare method I use and love! It's not just my method, it's a scientifically proven way to maximize the results of your skincare ingredients and hydrate the skin.


What is Rapid Layering?

Rapid layering is a method of applying skincare in a certain order and speed. Rather than drying your face right after you wash it, in rapid layering you start your skincare routine while your face still wet.

While this may seem like a totally bogus way to start a skincare regimen, science tells us that moisturizing your skin while it's still wet is better for your skin. Here's why:


1. Rapid layering helps your skin absorb products better

According to dermatologists, damp skin is more permeable than dry skin, so your skin will absorb better if it's wet. When you use the Rapid Layering Method, you're actually making your skincare products work better by delivering more of the active ingredients deep into your skin.


2. Rapid Layering can prevent skin from drying out

Transepidermal water loss is the amount of water that evaporates from your skin every day. You lose water in your skin for lots of reasons... lack of humidity in the air, extreme temperatures or temperature changes, not drinking enough water, and yes even using certain skincare products. You can replace the moisture your skin is lacking by using products that draw water into your skin, like our Moisture Booth Smoothing Face Creme. This cream is high in fatty acids and antioxidants (two ingredients that keep your skin barrier happy and healthy!) and when applied correctly, can drastically increase your skins hydration.




3.Rapid Layering can improve your overall appearance

No one wakes up in the morning wishing their skin looked uneven and rough. Lack of hydration in the skin emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles because it's missing water, and the water is what makes skin plump and bouncy. Silky, hydrated skin gives you an illuminated appearance helping you to appear fresh and radiant.


4. Wear less makeup!!

I wear makeup - specifically foundation - to feel more confident about how my skin looks to others. Foundation gives me a more even skin tone, a glowier finish, and covers up my redness. I feel more confident after applying it because my perceived flaws are not as visible. Ever since I started Rapid Layering, I've worn less makeup. In fact, I no longer wear foundation at all. (I lurve my tinted sunscreen, shout out to the #sunscreen wearers out there - always wear sunscreen!) Improving my skincare routine improved the things about my skin that I was trying to cover up. I felt more confident in my own skin, and wearing little to no foundation keeps extra chemicals off my face, which helps it stay healthier. Win win!

Rapid Layering is all about maximizing hydration. I've said it before and I'll say it again -  hydrated skin is happy skin! You can learn more about how to apply skincare in rapid layers by visiting The Method page.

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Rebecca Parratt
Rebecca Parratt

Interesting. I don’t know if I can handle tge sensation of applying my moisturizer to wet skin, but it’s definitely worth a try!

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