Our Values

Our approach to beauty is rooted in the idea that simple is better and self-care routines (like skincare!) should make your life better.

We don't believe in over-hyped marketing and false promises. We believe in high-quality skincare products for real women. Our ethically sourced products help protect your skin against environmental stressors, rejuvenate skin cells, and slow down the production of fine lines & wrinkles. All to create healthier, fresher, plumper skin. Our goal is to formulate products that are the perfect combination of gentleness & strength; Serums that are smart and intentional. Creams as soothing as they are strong. Ingredients that are safe for our bodies, put together with ethics that feed the soul.

Plant-based and Purposeful

The foundation of our formulas are based in plant science and skin physiology. We've meticulously identified the performance elements of earth-based ingredients, and use innovative formulation techniques to unleash and amplify each skin-changing benefit.

In addition to organic oils and butters, we add targeted ingredients like bio-extracts, CBD, peptides, retinols, and swiss apple stem cells to add powerful benefits.

Safe for Animals and Humans

We believe in transparency, disclosing the full ingredient list for each and every product.

Our vegan skincare products are formulated without alcohol, GMO's, synthetic/natural dyes, synthetic/naturally derived fragrance, gluten, parabens, and are packaged using sustainable and recyclable materials. Each product is carefully checked, numbered and signed by a designated packager. We are proud to have our plant-based products certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny.

More Than Skin

We believe beauty is not the true measure of a women. Our amazingly complex bodies have souls, minds, and hearts. We also know what you see in the mirror can deeply impact the way you feel about yourself. Our founder, Lindsay Stone, supports content, programs and charities that encourage women to find their true value and purpose.

Simple, Small-batch, Handmade

In our Valley View, Texas beauty kitchen, a team of humans make each and every Stone Beauty Co. product by hand in small batches. Because of this, the products you receive don't spend months on a shelf before being delivered to you. We are able to maintain strict control over quality by hand-making all of our products and never producing more than is required.