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Love my Face Set - Stone Beauty Co.®

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Love my Face Serum Set

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Dry, neglected skin is no match for these 2 hydrating and restorative serums. This duo includes 1oz. Restore Stem Cell Serum and 1oz. Superfood Vitamin C Glow Oil.

Skin type: Normal, Dry, Combination and Oily. Ideal for those who want to restore youthful, illuminated skin.

Size: 15ml (Restore Stem Cell Serum) and 15 ml (Superfood Vitamin C Glow Oil)


Love my Face Serum Set Ingredients: Please see individual product pages for ingredient information.


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Happiness Guarantee

We strive to make our skincare work for everyone. Skincare is personal, and what works for some might not work for others. If you've used our products consistently and are not seeing the results you're hoping for, we'll refund the purchase price no questions asked.


We want you to be happy at Stone Beauty Co., even if one of our products doesn't work for you. While we’d love to say our products will work for 100% of the people that buy them, we know that’s simply not the case.

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Love my Face Serum Set
Love my Face Set - Stone Beauty Co.®

"Kind of blows my mind a bit to be honest"

What's Inside


After cleansing and toning while the skin is still damp, gently massage or press 1-3 drops of serum onto the face before moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup.