Superfood Vitamin C Glow Oil


Calm fine lines and wrinkles while illuminating your face with a radiant glow! This potent and superfood-packed serum packs an all-natural punch, reinvigorating your skin’s ability to produce skin-nourishing collagen and regenerate healthy cells.

What it does: Hydrates, Reduces Fine Lines, Plumps, Brightens

Good for: Safe for all skin types. Especially effective on Mature and Damaged skin.

Scent: A non-greasy golden yellow oil with a light and sweet earthy scent.


Argan oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Pomegranate Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Non-GMO Hemp Seed Oil (organic*)

Directions for Use

Gently massage or press 1-3 drops of oil into the skin. Can be used alone after moisturizer, in place of a moisturizer, or added into a moisturizer for extra soft skin.

Shipping and Returns

"I have used other oils and this one is by far the best."