30-day Happiness Guarantee

For a lot of women, finding the perfect skincare routine isn't easy. Our focus is on working with the everyday woman who wants more.

Finding the right skincare is a mixture of science, knowledge, and trust.

Holding your skin (and yourself!) to a higher standard and knowing what you want is a great way to start.

All of our items are made to the highest standard by hand in small batches with lots of care and love. We don't just want to dazzle you with science-driven ingredients, we want you have the wonderful experience of enjoying the things you put on your face. It is my genuine hope that you love every single product that you purchase. However, everyone is unique and skincare products work differently on different people.

Our Promise to You: If you've used our products consistently and are not seeing the results you were hoping for, we'll refund the purchase price of your returned item(s) within 30 days. No risk, no strings.

We would love the opportunity to gain permanent place on your bathroom counter. We look forward to our journey together!

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Serum Elixir Eye Crème
Serum Elixir Eye Crème
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Beautify Botanical Oil + Prickly Pear
Beautify Botanical Oil + Prickly Pear - Stone Beauty Co.®
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