Pore Purifying Rose Clay Mask


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Pink Clay + Coconut + Dandelion | Detoxify, Brighten + Hydrate – An Essential Skin Care Solution

Yes, let’s fully utilize nature’s bounty in our skin care and beauty regimens. This luxurious face mask, blended with nourishing and aromatic flowers and the richness of coconut milk, pampers your skin, cleansing the impurities while creating radiance and smoothness.

Deeply hydrating and locking in this valuable moisture, coconut milk is ultra-moisturizing. And combined with rose petals with Vitamin C and dandelions with antibacterial properties, both help to promote your skin’s health.

The smart combination of ingredients ensures this fragrant mask clears toxins and irritants that clog pores which reduces skin blemishing from acne, rosacea and eczema. Complete your skin-care regimen with this cleansing, hydrating and healing mask.

  • Coconut Milk – Because of its high fat content, coconut milk has a phenomenal moisturizing effect when applied to dry skin. This extra boost of hydration is what keeps newly exfoliated skin from feeling tight and dry.
  • Rose Petals – Rose petals are filled with vitamin C, boosting hydration and radiance! Promotes healthy skin by restoring moisture and delivering skin-loving vitamins and minerals deep into skin cells.
  • Dandelion Flower – Detoxifies the skin with its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It clears out pores to reduce acne and prevents future breakouts.

What it does: Purifies, Hydrates, Clears Pores, Reduces Breakouts, Brightens

Good for: All skin types.

Scent: A smooth, refreshing mask that goes on purple with an amazing rose scent.


Kaolin (white) clay, kaolin (rose) clay, rose petal (rosa damascena) powder*, coconut milk powder*, organic dandelion powder* (organic*)

Directions for Use

For your best skin: Mix 1 rounded tsp of powder gradually with water (about 1/8 tsp) until a paste forms. Apply to clean skin. Once dry, rinse off with warm water. Always patch test first.

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