A new year is here! With a few new things of our own up our sleeve for January, here's what we've been up to at HQ:


New Esti Partner! 😎

This January we expanded our retail offerings into Morning Glory Beauty Lounge and was so elated to have licensed esthetician Haleigh join our list of partners. Be sure to check out her page!



Lipgloss Launch 👄

New Lipgloss colors dropped!! We are so proud to offer plant-Based, paraben-free, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, chemical free, and organic lipgloss that's safe for sensitive skin, all skin types and tones. 4 colors: Starling, Guava, Cremello, and Lilly Pilly. Yipee!



Getting a new lewk 👀

We're in the process of discovering our new brand direction and will launch our new look next month. Stay here for more updates...

What's coming up in February? 💞

- Launch new website and logo design

- Announce new products and brand direction

- Personal updates from our Founder


Thank you to everyone who helped us start out the year better than ever! 😘

Stone Beauty Co. Staff
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