It's official! We are a GO TEXAN brand! So what exactly does that mean?

I've seen the symbol on products before but I really wasn't sure exactly what it represented, so I went on a fact-finding mission.



GoTexan is big!

If you've heard of brands like H-E-B, Dr. Pepper, Bluebell, or Shiner Bock, you're already aware of 4 major GoTexan brands. Companies seek out this designation to signify they are a part of Texas commerce and e-commerce and USA made and manufactured products. Now that we are a GoTexan brand, we can display their brand on all of our products which signifies they are made in Texas.


GoTexan is all about supporting businesses

Specifically business in the Lone Star State. It's part of the Texas Department of Agriculture. They offer programs for farmers, ranchers, businesses and communities. They also give out lots of money to local producers for product creation and marketing for Texas made products. 

Even though we're just starting with GoTexan, we're excited about all the opportunities we now have and and rest easy knowing that our products are proudly made in the USA and carry the GoTexan brand!


Lindsay Stone